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Old Docker Instructions

You can quickstart locally using docker, if you don't have node installed or just want to test the latest.

Get local IP address

Use a tool like ifconfig to get your local IP address.

Start local databases

cd scripts
docker-compose up

When the logging stops, that indicates that the databases have been created and are running.

Ctrl+c out of that, then from scripts run ./ (This must be run every time you start your machine anew)

Build the image

Create an empty folder at the root called project-package-jsons and the run the following command to build:

DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build -t xrengine --build-arg MYSQL_USER=server \
--build-arg MYSQL_PASSWORD=password --build-arg MYSQL_HOST= \
--build-arg MYSQL_DATABASE=xrengine --build-arg MYSQL_PORT=3304 \
--build-arg VITE_SERVER_HOST=localhost --build-arg VITE_SERVER_PORT=3030 \
--build-arg VITE_INSTANCESERVER_HOST=localhost --build-arg VITE_INSTANCESERVER_PORT=3031 \
--build-arg VITE_LOCAL_BUILD=true --build-arg CACHE_DATE="$(date)" --network="host" .

Run the server to seed the database, wait a couple minutes, then delete it

docker run -d --name server --env-file .env.local.default -e "SERVER_MODE=api" -e "FORCE_DB_REFRESH=true" --network host xrengine
docker logs server -f
-Wait for the line "Server Ready", then Ctrl+c out of the logs-
docker container stop server
docker container rm server

Run the images

docker run -d --name serve-local --env-file .env.local.default -e "SERVER_MODE=serve-local" --network host xrengine
docker run -d --name server --env-file .env.local.default -e "SERVER_MODE=api" -e "INSTANCESERVER_HOST=<local IP address" --network host xrengine
docker run -d --name client --env-file .env.local.default -e "SERVER_MODE=client" --network host xrengine
docker run -d --name world --env-file .env.local.default -e "SERVER_MODE=realtime" -e "INSTANCESERVER_HOST=<local IP address>" --network host xrengine
docker run -d --name channel --env-file .env.local.default -e "SERVER_MODE=realtime" -e "INSTANCESERVER_HOST=<local IP address>" -e "INSTANCESERVER_PORT=3032" --network host xrengine

Delete containers, if you want to run a new build, or just get rid of them

docker container stop serve-local
docker container rm serve-local
docker container stop server
docker container rm server
docker container stop client
docker container rm client
docker container stop world
docker container rm world
docker container stop channel
docker container rm channel